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Liping ; 6th Feb .
Xiaoting ; 10th March .
Joey ; 15th March .
Angie ; 22nd March .
Lizhu ; 7th April .
Munirah ; 7th April.
Huda ; 28th April.
Gabie ; 21st May .
Amanah ; 17th June .
Natasha ; 29th June .
Syafiqah ; 23rd July .
Mangling ; 24th Aug .
Nasriyah ; 24th Aug .
Georgina ; 1st Sept .
Joanne ; 12th Sept .
Amalina ; 19th Sept .
Seowwen ; 12th Oct .
Yvonne ; 31st Oct .
Charlene ; 1st Nov .
Haslinda ; 1st Nov.
Fatin ; 26th Nov.
Meijun ; 16th Dec .
XiaoQing ; 21st Dec .

Fazli ; 1st Jan
Azahari ; 2nd Jan
Ali ; 5th feb.
Sebastian ; 28th March .
Ashiq ; 8th April .
Arjuna ; 10 April
Zhanming ; 15th Jun
Aravin ; 24th june
Haojie ; 2nd July .
Aiman ; 20th July.
Yauon ; 18th Aug
Derrick ; 26th Aug .
Lucas ; 4th Sept .
Darren ; 5th Sept
KengSoon ; 6th Sept
Filbert ; 29th Sept
Guanlong ; 9th Oct .
KianWee ; 23rd Oct
Stuart ; 25th Oct
Weichao ; 6th Dec .
Junjie ; 23th dec
Izzwan ; 31st Dec .

Saturday, September 28, 2013
We are United (:


I hope everybody is doing well in life :D

Xiaoting :D 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
We are United (:


OUR OUTING:!/event.php?eid=130918833603750&ref=mf

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
We are United (:


let's have an outing this holiday! :D
i'm sure you guys have been awaiting for this outing for very long already!! :D:D:D

though we may be busy but lets take a day off and enjoy ourselves!
most of us will not be free on the 1st and 2nd week due to school commitments, so make it on the 3rd week or 4th yea? :D

This sounds like the report that we've done recently.
our situational writing is now in good use.

People, suggest where to go for the outing alright? :D
lets try to keep our cost as low as possible so that we wont have to tear our pockets during this holiday. :p

any suggestions please! :D we'll not be having any BBQ due to high costs and lack of manpower to assist us in cooking (i want everyone to enjoy, not to cook food! :p) BUT if there are any strong objections, we will take into consideration :D

i'll be contacting EVERY SINGLE 1 OF YOU! :D
so please, go for this outing. i'm desperate to see all of us together again!!!! :D

see you guys soon! :D

with lots of love,
Xiaoting :D:D:D:D:D

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Best wishes to all. We are United (:

*blows off dust*

Hey little luvlies.

Just wanna wish my fellow former 2N6-ians a very good luck for the upcoming release of N levels results on this friday. Though we're all much separated now, i still hope to see you guys next year. Probably in the same class? :) It's really a joy spending two years with you guys when i'm in sec one and two. You people have never been more supportive even when i was on the wrong track. Never been tired to pull me back on track and help me out with studies. Especially Syafiqah, Yvonne, Aiman, Natasha and the others.

I still remember Natasha darling trying real hard to look for marks in my geography paper just to help me pass. That's the sweetest thing an A student can do for a girl like me. & the funniest moment was Shaoen quarelling with Aravin about him being horny cause he loves to use the word "bitch". I'm sure you guys remembered that. Haha good ol' times. =)

Anyway. Just wanna let you know that you guys are a bunch of good people i've ever known. Thank you for everything. Just in case that i didn't make it to next year. Please know that those times that we spent during our early days in secondary life is one of the best moments in my life. Much love and hope to see you guys next year. ^^,)

& oh! Something almost slipped off my mind. It's a very important thing to wish your ex classmates happy birthday right? Hopefully they will read this. Happy birthday to all the december babies such as Wei Chao (6th Dec), Mei Jun (16th Dec),Xiao Qing (21st Dec) , Jun Jie (23rd Dec) and Izzwan (31st Dec). May God bless you sweethearts with happiness and joy. And may each and every passing year be the best years of all time. *hugs and kisses*

Yours truly,

Monday, August 31, 2009
We are United (:

Hello peeps!

I believe everyone of us had a great time participating in inter-class game today uh. I saw Amalina snatching the ball, Syafiqah being the goal keeper & Huda trying to put the goals in. Haha, i missed the boy's games though.

Haha, we damn rubber band can. We've been saying we want to have a gathering since last year. 2009 is coming to an end & we've yet organised a gathering. Haha, we're so efficient can. Okok, let's settle a date after N levels uh. We shall discuss it after the exams then.

With H1N1 in it's prime, please take good care of yourself uh.

See you!

Friday, July 24, 2009
We are United (:

Miss you,

Vincent Natasha.

Monday, June 1, 2009
We are United (:

Hello peeps!

Paper 1 & 2 of Mother Tongue O Level is finally done & over with. Such a relief. It's a load off our shoulder yaw. Hopefully, none of us have to go through the agonising process again. If no one has to retake, I've a great idea what our class outing would be. Alright, put on a sweater. It'll be cold. Are you ready to hear my GREAT idea? We'll meet up some where. There's no need to bring any cash. Just bring along a lighter as well as our Mother Tongue notes. Do you know what I'm thinking? Haha, YES. We'll tear, crush & burn all our notes. Haha, on? LOL. Alright, i shall stop sprouting nonsense.

Prelims is drawing nearer. Let's have a mouth-open activity with regards to the prelims, shall we? 2N6'o7 oiiiii! (Reply) 2N6'o7 2N6'o7? (Reply) 2N6'o7 say what i say. (Reply) 2N6'o7 do what i do. (Reply) 2N6'o7 smack your head & say ALAMAK! (Reply)

Sorry guys. Haha, boredom led to this. Amanah, welcome back! Let's count down to 29th June where you'll be officially released.

Until then, take care!

Thursday, May 7, 2009
Hi! We are United (:


Yes, tomorrow will be Mid-year English paper! From next week onwards we'll all be working hard to get good results for our other subjects.
JIAYOU! Have confidence with yourselves alright, study hard now, so even if you didn't score well, at least you did your best!
But we believe, as long as we strive hard, we will achieve! :)
So, all the best, good luck! Do your best!
After exams we can all go and play.


Georgina! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009
We are United (:

Hello peeps!

Natasha here. Our 1 week vacation has finally arrived! Yahoo! Haha, please spend your holiday meaningfully. Anyway, with regards to the gathering, it's offed. Most of us will be occupied. It'll be tough to find a day whereby everyone can come together & catch up. I guess perhaps we'll have to wait till the national exams are over. In the mean time, enjoy your holidays! Hope to see everyone soon!

Until then, take care!

Saturday, February 28, 2009
We are United (:

Hello peeps!

Natasha here! Common Test is finally over! Haha, I'm over the moon. But the national exams are merely few months away. Oh dear.

There's suggestions of having class gathering during the March holidays. But it's still pending. Feel free to voice out anything with regards to where, when, how, what about the class gathering, alright.

Hope to see you guys soon!

Until then, take care!